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Artistic medicine

After 9 months of experimentation, on May 8, 2022, Kombucha, a fermented tea drink related to beer, wine, kvass and tepache, was bottled. "Barlumen" is the name given to the new equivalent drink of "light, hope". Food is an (always) contemporary elixir handed down for several millennia by generations of families across the world. Especially, this new family brought up in the artistic fermentation laboratory of Camera F, is to be classified as "artistic medicine." Incessantly among us now as an act of biological, ecological and social resilience. By definition, resilience is the capacity of a material to repair itself after damage and to return to its initial state after being subjected to a disturbance that has taken it away from that state. Helping to strengthen our society also means helping to produce antibodies and the way in which our genes are expressed. Behavior and environment are physiologically correlated. Our organism is altered when our body changes the reading of the DNA sequencing. The approximately 5 kg of bacteria that allow food metabolism communicate with the scientifically known 500 million of neurons present in the gastrointenstinal system. Well, they act as external brain receptors via neurotransmitters of l well-being such as serotonin. The ability to complete the flora, or intestinal fleet, also means stabilizing the mood, increasing cognitive, sensitive and even human abilities. The more the relationships between these bacteria are diversified, the closer we get to the optimal condition in making decisions, also towards the community and thanks to the relational increase. The diversification of gastrointestinal bacteria is a symptom of enormous well-being and Kombucha is our remedy to better diversify and share the population of bacteria, both metaphorically and literally, or rather biologically but above all culturally speaking. The combinations of taste molecules create a cascade of messages that stimulate and tickle the brain through a very wide network of nerve fibers stimulated by emotions, memories and sensations. "Barlumen" is a bacteriological crop born from an artistic intervention that includes an experience aimed at further illuminating the "Valley of the Sun". An act of raising a beacon for those who look favorably on an enhancement of the sustainable development of our region and related diversified visions.  


All this means that it is very likely that the first Ticino Kombucha was produced in Dangio, but it is without a doubt the first Kombucha in the world to announce itself as "artistic medicine".



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