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Exposition en temps irréel


From 23 June 2017


Edited by

Matteo Fieni


This research is a process of poetic perception, following the photo-sociographic analysis conducted in 2016 ("Barcodes"), in which the graphic elements (patterns), resulting from the process of optical manipulation, recalled the motifs adopted by the code system. bars. From the image to the survey. And here, from investigation to immersion, through shots taken in the short space-time that is between the end of light and the beginning of darkness / and vice versa. When (and where) the environmental contrast decreases, the city wakes up / falls asleep and its depth is amplified. Mechanical manipulation allows the perceptive moment to be dilated, making the optical / technological unconscious process visible (Benjamin / Vaccari). It is a more figurative and “gentle” photographic action. The dilation of an ephemeral vision, as is the luminous transition that separates day from night, in both directions, makes time less real.



June 23> 17: 30h / 22: 30h


Public openings

June 23> 14h / 19h

June 24> 11h / 15h


And by appointment.



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