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Privacy-Free Zone


PFZ (*2011-) is an interdisciplinary project characterized as a progressive appropriation. It reaffirms the collective identity by reframing relations.

The Project

The Privacy-Free Zone (#PFZ) is an interdisciplinary project that began in 2011 as a progressive appropriation; originally as Good Morning, Lugano but then subsequently becoming the PFZ. This project was established to question the relation between the law and the right of expression. It was born to defend the freedom of artistic expression which is formally protected by the Swiss Constitution and other European and International Declarations and Conventions. During this development, the project has adapted to different social situations and contexts. Most recently, it became the Covid Joggers Act (*2020, CJA) as a reaction to the coronavirus pandemic. The coronavirus has tested governments’ abilities to react and avoid social, economic, and political tragedies. The inspiration for the name came from Benny Hill’s 1998 ‘Joggers’ skit. The action of applying the red dot stickers on proxemic criteria was humorously formed from the necessity to get out of the home, especially as runners and active individuals, while also remaining undetected from surveillance and other similar dispositifs.

The Blog

Social Media



From 2020 this was a research-based collaboration between Danielle Lopez-Cecetaite and Matteo Fieni.

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