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Barcode Scenario

The Geometry of Perception

With a foundation in research, Matteo Fieni’s Barcode Scenario (*2016-) is an experimentation of the perceived consciousnesses of the self, of the technological unconsciousness of machines, and of the nature of the photographic act itself. This experimental project investigates how to represent the environment we all subjectively live in by relinquishing rules that dominate photography and catering towards a reciprocal relationship with the camera rather than using it as an absentminded tool.  A strong ability and the necessity to approach the truth of reality combined with intellectual theories as important points of reference, motivate Fieni to construct a methodology for direct experimentation. Franco Vaccari, a physicist then artist, expounded that a camera left free from the forced manner used by many artists chooses to construct autonomous images from the actions and relationships it is capable of seeing for itself. The situations and experiences we continuously facilitate and interact with are seen by the camera in a way that the human cannot distinguish because of truths and assumptions we mentally place upon things. Fieni compares photography to mirror neurons because they are both a medium that facilitates a gateway between action and perception. Elements of the optical unconscious are captured like fragmented pieces to create a new image similar to the construction of a mosaic created by various pieces. The artist uses pieces of unconsciousness that create a dialogue reflecting moments prior and after when the camera acts on its instinctive unconscious to momentarily snap its shutter. Codification of the consciousness sustains the life and effect of each component of Barcodes. It is a present continuous that speaks for itself from fragmented perceptions of reality. This collection of studies tributes the exploration of the unknown dimensions that grants oneself to experience the genesis of magic realism.  


Danielle Lopez-Cecetaite



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