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Live at Camera F



February 7, 2020

> 20:30



Curated by

Jordi Fresco & Ònibas


Roberto Pianca

The sound encounter with a Ticino musician, the guitarist Roberto Pianca, an excellent jazz player, who sometimes manifests himself in a different but always deeply experimental language, which is that of ambient music.

And it is precisely in this language that he met us and expressed himself during this concert at Camera F. The bewitching music made us fly in a rarefied atmosphere, enriched by hypnotic and exceptionally enveloping effects .


Born in 1984, guitarist and composer Roberto Pianca studied music at the Amsterdam Conservatory (NL). He has played and worked with a variety of notable artists, including Joey Baron, Russ Lossing, John O'Gallagher, Mark Ferber, Johannes Weidenmüller, Thomas Morgan, Sienna Dahlen, Franco Ambrosetti, Dado Moroni, Pietro Tonolo, Colin Stranahan, Jesse Van Ruller, Greg Ruggiero, and Savina Yannatou among many others. In addition to performing internationally with his group (Rafael Schilt, Glenn Zaleski, Stefano Senni and Paul Amereller) and several other projects, he is also the co-leader of Third Reel, a mutual collaboration with saxophonist Nicolas Masson and drummer / pianist Emanuele Maniscalco (the band, with two discs under its belt, was included in the catalog of the prestigious and legendary German record label ECM Records in 2013). He has played in various clubs and festivals in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Estonia, Portugal, Spain, Greece, the United States and Canada. Festivals such as Willisau, Schaffhausen, Clusone, Heidelberg / Mannheim, Lisbon, Geneva, Empoli, Brescia, Sile and others. He appears on several records as a sideman and released one as a leader (Sub Rosa - WideEar Records 2017).


Photo credits

© Marika Brusorio




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