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Camera F  

Interdisciplinary Research Based

Camera F is a photographic studio, but also a laboratory in turmoil. Set on multidisciplinarity and based on research, Camera F is active as a meeting and sharing place in which to experiment with new scenarios between art and science.


Inside is set up the  [bar-lù-me] , observatory on the phenomenon of "alternative" fermentation. [glimmer]  it is a "slow action" artistic intervention (#kezien attitude) that contributes to implement a paradigmatic change of mentality in relational, social and economic terms.  


Camera F is also an educational place  in which “ workshops ” courses are offered, a photographic studio and a place for incubating new thoughts.

Camera F was born in Lugano as an extemporaneous artistic space, creating a dozen exhibitions that are the result of synergies between friends and colleagues. The name was inspired by the famous text by R. Barthes "Camera Chiara" a reference between the Anglo-Saxon term "Camera" intended as a photographic device and "Dispositif" (ref. Foucault).


Camera F aims to integrate into the Blenian scenario to help enhance the cultural activities in the valley. For example, it is planned to pay homage to the citizens of Dangio with a photographic book of portraits set in the nucleus and which could be entitled "Ca 'di Dolf." A project that we would like to start realizing shortly .



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