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[bar-lù-me ]

[bar-lù-me] sm - Light, hope.  


On this day, 1 May 2022, Camera F announces the inauguration of [bar-lù-me]  its fermentation laboratory and incubator for intellectual and experimental exchanges. It is the reaction of continuous collaboration with bacteria [1] on site.


[bar-lù-me] is an artistic intervention to contribute to changing the paradigm in which our society is living in by producing more antibodies and changing the way our genes express themselves. Our behavior and environment change alter how our bodies read a DNA sequence. We are already in contact with bacteria in our environment. They affect whether you are conscious of it or not. Kombucha is our method of diversifying the population of bacteria in us.


It is already in progress.  

Combinations of taste molecules create a signalling cascade that stimulates the brain with signals via a network of taste nerve fibers stimulated by emotions, memories, and sensations. This is part of the intervention in creating an artistic experience that illuminates our present state. 

[bar-lù-me] is open by now open by appointment. The official opening will be 9 July 2022.  

Let's shine,  

Danielle Lopez-Cecetaite and Matteo Fieni  

[1] Acetobacter, Gluconbacter, Bacillus, and Komagataeibacter are bacterial components of the symbiotic culture that create kombucha. Other bacteria found in fermented food include Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.  



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