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[bar-lù-me] Kombucha

Let's hope, let's shine"


Gleam Kombucha is so much more than just a probiotic drink. It is a work of art that was born in the artistic and cultural fermentation laboratory of Camera F, located at the former Cima Norma di Dangio-Torre, in Valle di Blenio (Ticino). In this laboratory, Barlume Kombucha is produced with passion and care using selected ingredients and a natural fermentation process that helps maintain optimal intestinal and immune well-being.

The new logo and the claim "Let's hope, let's shine"they represent the light and hope that the etymology of the name Barlume recalls. This drink is not only a way to diversify the population of bacteria inside our body, but also an artistic intervention to help change the paradigm in which our society lives, producing more antibodies and changing the way our genes are expressed.

Furthermore, the combinations of taste molecules create a cascade of messages that stimulate the brain through a network of nerve fibers stimulated by emotions, memories and sensations. In this way, Barlume Kombucha is not only good for our body, but also for our mind.

The fermentation laboratory in Camera F, inaugurated on 9 July 2022, is open by appointment. If you want to try the unique taste of Barlume Kombucha and let yourself be conquered by its benefits for your well-being, contact us to book your visit.


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